Hi Guys Today i will give you my first video. enjoy it.


Hi guys it is now the second video of My channel ^^ (it is just a story) and i will upload the playing of it very soon :) 


10 Subscribers Special !!  Check This Video It is interesting !! 

and there is a secret in the end of the video watch it ^^


The Voting Has Ended And now see the winning pole.
personality test

High Guys, Now you were asking:  games without lose ?? hah..

no soundtracks? now there's the first one That you will enjoy it and will find my idea is good if you watched it ;)


Listen To a Good Story on My Life and On Being Here on internet with you :)


Hi Guys, Today I'll Show You My 40 Subscribers Special #2          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrhXRvxjDdI      

Hello Guys, It had been too long Days for uploading, Right ?

Nevermind.. here's a Gift for your waiting ;)


Hello Guys, sorry for Being Late, i was in a problem with Uploading the Video, Don't Mind.. anyways here is a Video special about the New Year and Happy new Year to All Of You :) 


Hello Guys, Sorry for late Uploading but i was busy.. and Noww.. Here is the 60 SUBS special !! Have a Great time enjoying my Video ;)  and Note: i have added Some Sarcastic Moments in This Video.. hope you like it :D !